Returned Goods Policy

Procedure for Returning Items

  1. Customers must obtain a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) form for returns from Analog Pharma. Obtain RGA forms via phone at (855) 752-9196, via fax at (855) 754-9418, or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Returns will not be processed without an RGA. Return Goods Authorizations expire sixty (60) days from date issued. Return to Analog Pharma (See address below)
  2. An itemized packing slip, with the information listed below and a RGA number must accompany any returned goods.
  3. If returning more than one box, each box should contain the RGA number and box number, i.e. “1/2, 2/2”.
Shipping and Returned Goods Address:

Analog Pharma
Attn: Returned Goods Dept.
420 International Blvd.
Suite 500
Brooks, KY 40109

Include the following information:

  • Product Name
  • Quantity for Each Product
  • Lot Numbers
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Reason for return
  • Contact person, and contact phone number and/or email
  • Wholesale Account # (if applicable)
  • RGA Number

Returnable Items

Eligible Products for Return:

  1. Received by customer as damaged- Products received damaged may be returned for full credit when reported within four (4) days of receipt by the customer. If product is received damaged please have the transportation company note “damaged” or “broken” on the freight bill. Damaged product should remain in the original carton for inspection, and in any event products must be returned in accordance with RGA instructions.
  2. Received by customer in error- Product shipped in error by Analog Pharma may be returned, if applicable, for a full credit, when returned within thirty (30) days of invoice date. Products must be returned in accordance with RGA instructions.
  3. Ordered by customer in error- Products ordered in error may be returned for credit, when reported within four (4) days of receipt by the customer. Products must be returned in accordance with RGA instructions. Restocking fees will be assessed based upon volume of the order error.
  4. Expired or In-dated product may be returned for credit, if approved by Analog Pharma and accompanied by an RGA. In-dated product may be returned within six (6) months prior to expiration. Expired product must be received within twelve (12) months after expiration for credit to be issued. Expired/in-dated product approved by Analog Pharma for return must be shipped freight prepaid within sixty (60) days of authorization date in order to receive credit.
  5. Analog Pharma will issue authorization for the return of eligible product only. Partial containers (less than full bottles) will be credited based upon state legal obligation or exact pill count times current WAC minus 5 percent on a per pill basis.
  6. In addition, products that meet the following criteria, and have received prior approval from Analog Pharma, shall also be eligible for return by customer, regardless of the product’s expiration date:
    • The product has been discontinued by the supplier and current inventory is not depleted within sixty (120) days after discontinuation
    • Analog PharmaServices Agreement (or equivalent) with Customer expires or terminates for any reason.

Non-Returnable Items

  1. Product that is not in the original packaging bearing the original manufacture label.
  2. Product that is more than six (6) months prior to the expiration date.
  3. Product that is twelve (12) months or more past the expiration date.
  4. Product returned without an RGA.
  5. Product obtained other than through normal channels of distribution or purchased from a source other than an authorized distributor of record of Analog Pharma.
  6. Product involved in a fire sale, sacrifice sale, bankruptcy, flood, or earthquake.
  7. Product deteriorated or damaged due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer, such as improper storage, heat, cold, water, smoke, fire, negligence, etc.
  8. Non-original or repackaged product. This includes prescription and/or other labels added to and/or removed from the product package.
  9. Product sold with specific understanding that it is non-returnable.
  10. Merchandise that is obtained in violation of state and federal regulations.
  11. Product that has been donated (at no charge to customer, Patient Assistance Program).

In addition, a Certificate of Destruction does not qualify as an acceptable format for product return.

Transportation Charges

Must be prepaid by customer. No credit will be issued for the administration, shipping, or handling of returns, including third party processing fees, with the exception of product received by customer as damaged and product received by customer in error as referenced above under Returnable Items.

Terms of Return Policy

  1. Credit for eligible Expired or In-dated returned goods referenced above will be issued at Current WAC minus five percent (5%) or applicable contract price less third party handling charge
  2. No credit will be issued for administration, shipping or handling, including third party processing fees, with the exception of product received by customer as damaged and product received by customer in error as referenced above under Returnable Items.
  3. Deductions from payables may not be taken until credit memo is issued. Unauthorized deductions for returns may result in held orders.
  4. For items purchased or invoiced from a wholesaler, credit will be issued through the wholesaler.
  5. Returns are subject to final count and acceptance by Analog Pharma. Analog Pharma reserves the right to accept or reject the product for credit.
  6. Analog Pharma reserves the right to destroy, without recourse, all returned packages.
  7. Returns should be channeled through the original source of purchase. The original source of purchase is defined as the entity that was directly invoiced by Analog Pharma and the distributor of origin. 
  8. Unauthorized returns may be destroyed and not reimbursed.

Title and risk of loss:

Title and risk of loss will pass to customer at the time products are delivered to Analog Pharma direct customer’s dock. Delivery of all quantities of products shall be deemed to be made in full and in good condition unless Analog Pharma Customer Service is notified within four (4) days from the date of receipt from Analog Pharma.


Analog Pharma reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy due to business necessity and changes in applicable laws and regulations.

In certain circumstances where Customer’s return goods policy and the then-current Analog Pharma policy are in conflict, Analog Pharma shall, at Wholesaler’s request, promptly meet with relevant Customer to discuss in good faith resolution of the conflict.